Shola Alli (a.k.a Shola)

Soul singer Shola has always had a passion for writing and playing around with words. Shola writes her own songs, takes a lot of inspiration and wisdom from her Christian walk and relationship with God and has her own unique sound.  After being encouraged to study accountancy as a more stable career path rather than performing arts, Shola has eventually come back to that thing that she enjoys the most - writing and creating songs her way. Shola plays guitar and also loves to occassionally sing jazz and gospel too. 

"When I started this journey of recording my songs, someone said to me, 'Shola, you're doing everything back to front!' Sometimes you've got to start that way to get started at all. So from years of writing, months of recording and learning patience in the waiting, I am 'back to front' and enjoying the view. Thank you for listening to my songs." Shola
Life’s like a duvet cover; you find the corners, then you’re in” Shola
The Band

Shola Alli (Artist & Lead Singer) Ogo Ndubisi-Igwilo (Backing Singer) David Ellis (Sax/Guitar) Rob Anderson/Edward Oluwole/Peter Correia (Congas/Drums) Owen Smalley (Bass Guitar) Samuel Gomes (Bass/Double Bass Guitar) Joseph Wright (Keys) Support from Roland Perrin, Simon Nelson, George Pearson, Sam Joyce, James Brathwaite.

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